Delilah's values and takes to heart the importance of aiding organizations that support woman, children and a healthy environment.  We feel very lucky to be doing what we love, all-day, everyday and feel very strongly about giving back to our community and beyond.  As active members of our community, we do our best to extend our efforts beyond our front door. Here are a few things we are doing to help make a difference...


Our team is individually, as well as collectively involved in a number of outstanding local organizations.  Please visit the following websites to learn more about some of the causes we take part in and hold dear...

One of the most fun causes we take part in collectively is joining together twice a year (at the beginning and end of our busiest time of year, "wedding season") to volunteer our time and energy assisting with a local project related to the maintenance and/or beautification of the city. Whether in lower income neighborhoods, throughout parks and recreation districts, in school yards, etc., the Delilah's team has been joining together to help revitalize and spread beauty throughout the city since 2007.


The entire team at Delilah's takes acting consciously to heart; not only through our activism, community stewardship and volunteerism throughout the community, but through our eco-conscious efforts here at work.  Delilah's does it's best to incorporate environmentally sound practices (which can be challenging when operating a flowershop).  Below are some resources and organizations whose efforts we support.